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Wikia Maps

Create. Collaborate. Map it.
Wikia Maps is a fan-authored mapping tool that's easy to use. Upload real-world places, images, or fictional universes to chronicle and share information across the web.
Wikia Maps are created by fans, for fans. It's built on collective knowledge and learning, connecting creative storytelling within and across wikia communities.
Embed & Share
Fans can embed a map on any wikia and across the web, making it easy to share even more of your favorite story, characters, or gameplay with the world.
Just Map It

Wikia Maps isn't your ordinary mapping system. You can create Earth or Middle-earth, but Wikia Maps is uniquely designed so you can also map concert posters, body armor, celebrity images, or runway fashion. Whether you want to map a game level, your favorite television world, or a red carpet best-dressed star, go ahead - map it.

Do you have a question about Wikia Maps? Or maybe you want to chat with your fellow mapmakers about one in particular? Join a discussion board!
You'll find plenty of helpful tips and facts in our tutorials and documentation on Wikia Maps to make your mapmaking experience fun and easy.

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