Summoners Rift refers to the classic 5V5 map found in League of Legends. The game involves two teams of 5 characters each, who battle using fantastical powers in orer to destroy the other teams' Nexus, at their Base.


Wards are items that provide vision on the map. Vision control of the map is key to success in League of Legends. There are two types of wards.

  • Stealth/Green Wards: These wards are 75G in the shop or are free with the use of the Warding Totem Trinket or with certain items, such as Sightstone. They last 60 seconds of they're placed with the warding totem, upgrading to 120 seconds at level 9, or 3 minutes for those purchased at the shop. Only 3 can be carried in an inventory at any one time, excluding those provided by items. Each player can only have 3 stealth wards on the map at any time. A stealth ward placed after 3 active stealth wards ahve been placed will immediately remove the first one placed.
  • Vision/Pink Wards: These wards are 100G in the shop and last until destroyed. They provide vision of stealthed units and traps. Only 2 can be carried in the inventory and only one can be active on the map for any one player at any time. A Vision ward placed after a player already has an active Vision ward on the map will immediately remove the one that was there before.


Summoners Rift is dotted with patches of brush. Players within the brush cannot be seen by players outside of it. This is why brushes are heavily contested warding locations. 

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