• Is it possible to add a map to page? What I mean is, the map is there just like any other media (tables, pictures, etc,) instead of requiring users to click a link or manually enter in a URL.

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    • If by page you mean article, there is a parser tag <imap map-id="[id]"></imap> In addition Visual Editor has a UI tool for doing this so you don't need to use source code.

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    • Would there be a way to have a map available on a page at a certain zoom level surrounding one specific pin? For example, if I have the world map on my wiki, but I want to have an article about Tokyo, Japan, I'd like to be able to embed a map onto the page zoomed in a little on Tokyo. Maybe not all the way so the user can still see the Koreas, China, and the seas around Japan, but it could be a setting for the specific pin or coordinate and a setting for the zoom level. That would be great. :)

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    • Anonymoustyd
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    • Hey Sly, 

      That is something we are working on. Thanks for the feedback!  And thanks to everyone that stepped in and answered questions about maps! I appreciate the help!!

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    • That's great to hear, thanks for replying :)

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    • Bumping...? I know Maps doesn't get a lot of development but this would be really useful.

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    • A FANDOM user
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