• My map seems to be taking a very long time to process (has been stuck "processing" for about half an hour).

    Is this unusual?

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    • having the same issue, it's been processing for about an hour now. map was an 8192x4096 5MB png file

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    • Sometimes it takes an incredible amount of time to go through. Sometimes you can get around its stupidity by just deleting the map and trying the process again. Note, for whatever reason, deleting the map - does not delete the template name. So you'll have to use a different template name if you wish to try this method. 

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    • It seems to be a time based issue, and not an issue depending on size, resolution. To get the maps fixed, just contact wikia support and mention the map id.

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    • This should be fixed now, as should any other map with this issue. The main cause has been addressed with a fix that we released on August 13. Please report any further instances to Wikia via Special:Contact.

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    • A FANDOM user
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