• I am an Administrator from the Game of Thrones WIki.  I wish we'd known about this feature sooner and now I'm embarrassed that you used us by name as an example when we actually don't have a map setup - though we easily can and I'll get right on it.  

    I have encountered a few questions:  first, how do we lock the map so only Administrators can edit it?  We don't need vandals messing it up.  

    Second, does it have a "History" tab of any kind?  How else would we keep track of what is being written on it?  

    I'm not even sure how to display it without spoilers...if we put it on the "Season 4" page, people might accidentally see "oh, that character escaped from King' Landing and is somewhere else in the final episode".  I would like to put it in Episode articles...but if we did, we'd have to lock it so it only displays one set of pins (or rather, make separate maps for each episode).

    Please contact me about further information.  I'll get the other Admins to look into this.  

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    • Hey Dragon,

      Allow me to address some of the points you made:

      So, the feature is brand new.  I had already been talking with Lady Lostris about featuring GoT bc it's so fitting for the maps feature.  I'm not sure which example you are talking about, but we did in fact create a map.  Featuring your community and specifically this map were both successful efforts.  Thanks for your concern, but don't worry, everything worked out great!

      Okay, to answer your questions:

      • For the moment there is no way to lock a map only to admins. We are working on it, but for the moment, everyone can edit and delete maps.
      • We are also working on history/Maps activity feed. (You are anticipating a lot of our best feedback for the maps team!)
      • As far as spoilers, since the maps are embedded onto article pages, my best suggestion is just to put a spoiler template directly above the map on the article page. An average user can't see any spoiler text until they actively click on a pin anyway, so the embedded maps don't pose a risk.

      Like I said, I was in contact with Lady Lostris, and she approved enabling maps on your community. If the admins agree that it would be best to lock the feature until map protection is in place, it would probably mean disabling the feature for the time being. Please let me know how the admins feel about this.


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    • I'm excited to be working on this (I've actually hoped for a feature like this for some time).  

      I'm worried about vandals getting into it though.  Well, it's good to be starting.  

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    • We're currently working on protection to make the admins happy! : ) This issue should be taken care of soon, which will allow a lot of communities to adopt the feature without fear of vandalism.  Hopefully this eases your concerns.  I'm glad that you're so excited to be using Maps!

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    • A FANDOM user
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