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Is it possible to delete maps?

  • Since we can't upate the map images I was wondering if there are any ways to delete the maps because that would allow better testing.

    I'll be creating lots of duplicate maps with different names since I make lots of mistakes and I want to get the syling correctly but I can see map image updating possible in the future.

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    • It's possible to delete maps that you create, or to delete any map on a community if you're an admin.

      If you mean deleting an image that you upload when creating a new map, that's not possible. This is becuase the image becomes available for anyone to use as the "base" of their custom map, and allowing a user to delete the image could compromise other users' maps.

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    • Thanks for the info, I was talking about deleting map images that I uploaded. So it looks like I can't delete the "base", no problem. The map feature is still pretty cool.

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