• Did yall take my map idea from my skyrim maps / deadisland maps :P i'm just kidding.

    But are there plans to add any real features to the Wikia Maps?

    For example, my dead island map setup dynamically pulls the location of the collectable item from the linked page and displays it as the link title (aka the hover popup bubble). Is there any plan to add something like that? like automatically pull the summary or something from the linked page?

    The reason I did that was so as the wiki grew/changed, users wouldn't have to change both the item's page AND the map. It made maintaining the wiki so much easier.

    What about being able to preview a page in a popup bubble like on my skyrim wiki. I know this one is a longshot because I can always hope.

    What about a full legend at the bottom to make it easier to find items when there are a lot of pins (also like my skyrim maps)? And clicking on one will either highlight the item on the map, or open the popup.

    And how about some styling features? Right now it looks pretty safe/boring :( are there plans to add customization without having to edit the wiki's css? Also the image placement/presentation in popups is kinda stupid...Just saying...

    I just feel like the new Wikia Maps don't take full advantage of the RAW POWER that a wiki can provide.

    P.S. no SVG support? it's 2014 guys...

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